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Mit simulierten Netzwerken zu besserer IT-Infrastruktur

Es gibt Szenarien, die sind für Administratoren eher schwieriger aufzubauen. Nicht etwa, weil die Verkabelung so aufwändig wäre oder, weil es hierfür keinen Platz gibt. Manchmal fehlt es schlichtweg an freien Gerätschaften oder an der entsprechend notwendigen Zeit, um einen Netzwerkaufbau auf Testgeräten zu simulieren. Wer hat schon Exchange-Server oder Cisco-Router auf Halde herumstehen?

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12 Characteristics of a Well-Maintained LAN

Sure, your network is up and running, but is it running as well as it should? Here are 12 characteristics of a well-maintained LAN.

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How to Ensure High-Quality Voice and Video Streaming With QoS

QoS (Quality of Service) and QoE (Quality of Experience) are important criteria for network applications that require real-time streaming, such as online videos or VoIP (Voice over IP). User acceptance depends on high call and video quality.  And your job, as the system administrator responsible for these systems, is to ensure this quality.

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2017-Feb-20 in IT Insights

Tell us Your Thoughts about The State of Cloud Acceptance by SMBs

We want to understand what system administrators of small and medium-sized businesses around the world think about "the cloud" and how far acceptance for cloud computing has come. Help us to adjust our product and our communication to better suit your needs. It will only take about five minutes. We will publish the results on our blog shortly after the end of this survey, so please come back or subscribe to our blog to read the conclusions.

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You'll Absolutely Love These 5 Amazing Craft Beer Places in Berlin

It's that time of year again: Cisco Live is in Berlin next week for its annual Europe edition. If you're about to pack your bags for your trip to Berlin just like we are, you probably can't wait to join all the sessions and programs for some major technology inspiration.

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The Invincible Admin: 5 Things to Consider That Will Make You A Super Admin in 2017

2017 is moving along quickly and there are a few things that should be on every Sysadmin's checklist this year. Things that should no longer be procrastinated or be on the list titled "sometimes later once the urgent tasks are done". Let's call those things the "five inevitables" or "the not to missed ones". So where should we get started?

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2017-Feb-14 in Monitoring Insights

Love Is In the Air ...and In Your Datacenter

What keeps you up at night? Ok, I'm not talking about tonight after an evening with your special someone... ;)

What are the things on your network, in your infrastructure or in your business processes that are mission critical but may not have 99.99% availability or 11 9's of durability? For most of us, we're not Amazon, not even close. Even as you move platforms and infrastructure into Amazon or somewhere else, you still have a network with end points, switches, firewalls, access points, printers and more than a few servers. You have users bringing their own devices into your facilities, including their own cloud services and applications running over your network on top of what you "officially" support and maintain. Meanwhile, you have Nick Burns running around trying to be the local unofficial IT guy supporting all of that.

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How to Secure Backups and Improve Reporting for Your Veeam

Do you use Veeam for your VMware backups, and you’re looking for more accurate data for the reports, as well as for improved alerting options? The VMware expert Markus Kraus has published and described two scripts on his blog "My Cloud-(R)Evolution", which can be integrated as sensors in PRTG Network Monitor.

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Know Your Enemy: What Happens Behind the Scenes in a DDoS Attack

This is part 1 of a new blog series about DDoS attacks. This article covers the different types of DDoS attacks and how they work. You'll learn the main categories of DDoS attacks and which vulnerabilities each one takes advantage of. 

Additional articles will cover how to mitigate DDoS attacks and will give you insight into how Paessler recently defended ourselves against a DDoS.

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2017-Feb- 6 in All About PRTG

Kostenlose Skripte, die Geld sparen und Ihr Netzwerk sichern

Ob Sie Ihre Kosten bei Amazon Web Services im Blick behalten, den Ladezustand der Batterien Ihrer APC-Geräte kontrollieren oder Ihre Veeam Backup-Server überwachen wollen, in unserer neuen Script World finden Sie das passende Skript dazu. 

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