In February 2012 Enterprise Management Associates (EMA) analysts published a landmark study of the drivers, issues, and priorities for network managers and network management tools, technologies, and practices.

A EMA Research Brief prepared for Paessler recaps several of the major findings of the report and includes a related case study where network management tools deployed include PRTG Network Monitor.

We were happy to learn that topics we focus on with the development of PRTG Network Monitor like networking security, network performance optimization, and virtual networks are named the top networking initiative influencers by the report.

Identified Megatrends and Resulting Requirements for Network Management

Factors affecting priorities for monitoring:

  • Increasing use of packet-based monitoring
  • Performance diagnosis in flux
  • Virtual environment support still evolving
  • Cloud have real, measurable impacts

The top three business priorities for network management solutions:

  • Low cost of maintenance
  • Low total cost of ownership
  • Flexible deployment options

Paessler Case Study: Global Equipment Manufacturer

As part of their research the EMA included a case study with one of our customers. The given findings were summarized as follows:

"This case study illustrated a number of the key megatrends from EMA’s research. The influence of server virtualization is clear for this IT team, as is the transition to cloud and the influence it has had on cross-domain visibility as well as proactive performance monitoring and diagnostics. Finally, the decision to use Paessler’s PRTG as a single, consolidated platform for monitoring and collaboration across the full scope of operations reflects a growing preference for integrated network management approaches."

Read more about the case study and the report in the PDF!

Download EMA Research Brief as PDF

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