In order to make the results of your network monitoring available in your Intranet or for customers we recommend using the "Maps" feature of PRTG Network Monitor in conjunction with a map of your network.

Find more information about PRTG as Network Mapping Software here.

Visualized results make it much easier for your users to understand the situation of your network. Here are a samples for (rather simple) network maps including live monitoring data (created with PRTG 7):

But how do you create a map of your network? There are paid-for options, e.g. Microsoft Visio, and other programs that you must install locally on your computer. But in many cases using one of the following free online options may serve you well for a quick map!

#1: offers a flash based online tool for creation of diagrams, flowcharts and network maps. With their free account you can create one map and they look pretty. There is an extensive list of network objects, connections are sticky (i.e. the re-arrange when you move the objects) and you can enter a label for each object. When your are done with the creation you can export the map as JPG or PNG file. It's my personal favorite on this list.

#2: also is a flash based online chart editor which offers a free 30 day trial and a free account. Gliffy offers a very good selection of network objects (even rack elements), connections are sticky and you can enter a label for objects. Maps can be exported as PDF, JPG or PNG. Note: For the free account your charts will be publicly visible!

#3: uses Javascript and Canvas to offer an online chart editor which also has a free option. Lovelycharts offers fewer network objects (it especially lacks objects for enterprise networks), connections are "loose" (i.e. you must redraw connection lines when you move the objects) and you can not enter a label for objects. Maps can be exported as PDF, JPG or PNG.

#4: Project Draw by Autodesk

Project Draw from CAD heavyweight AUTODESK also uses Javascript and Canvas for its online chart editor. There are not too many network objects in the library and most look like they were designed in 1990, but it has a very professional UI (connections are sticky, object label are available). There is no export feature, you have to create a screenshot for later use.

#5: by General Electric

Imagination Cubed offered by General Electric does not offer a library of network objects, it is mostly a free-hand drawing tool - but it offers nice add-on: You can invite one or more other persons to join your whiteboard and create the drawing together with you.

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