iOS App Comes With New Features

PRTG customers around the world use the iPhone to connect to their PRTG installation at any time while on the go in order to react to alarms or simply to view their real-time monitoring data in tables, graphs, and maps.

iPRTG is the app that makes mobile use of PRTG really simple. It can be installed on the iPhone, iPad, iPad 2, and iPod touch (iOS 4.0 or later). The app polls data from the PRTG server and displays it the ‘iphonic' way-with the look and feel that you're accustomed to on your Apple device.

We Listened to Your Feedback

Version 3.0 comes with many new features, most of them directly inspired by users' feedback: With new support for landscape orientation you can now turn your device so the display appears more convenient to your preferences, especially when viewing large graphs or maps. You can now also change settings of devices and sensors directly from within the app using an embedded ‘Mini HTML' page, which will take you right back into the native app as soon as you save your settings.

The new "send email" function is available when viewing devices or sensors and can open a new window in your mobile's native email application with a direct link to the respective page in the PRTG web interface. For example, this will be very useful when delegating tasks to other members of your team while you're on the go.

You can now also configure the app to alert you continuously in case the alarm count of your monitoring setup is greater than zero so you do not miss anything. There are also a lot of additional things you can now view with the app, such as log entries and geo maps.


All New Features at a Glance

The full new feature list:

  • Support for landscape orientation
  • Added view showing log entries
  • Added view showing geo maps of sensors
  • Sensor-/device-settings can be changed from within the app now
  • New "send e-mail" function
  • Comments can be edited with the app now
  • New setting "Repeat Alarms" keeps reminding if the count of sensors in error/alarm/etc. state is greater than 0
  • Added new sensor lists: "Most/Least Available Disk Space" and "Shortest/Longest System Uptime"
  • New icons and artwork

Plus several bug fixes which make the work with iPRTG more pleasant.

Download the App Now!


If you have purchased iPRTG before, the update is free of charge!

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