Finally the latest upgrade for users of PRTG Network Monitor is available. And this upgrade is a worthwhile one! More than 200 changes and improvements along with a number of bugfixes have been built into the product. The most important changes are:
  • Support for all major browsers: Firefox 3, Safari 3.1, IE 7/8 and Google Chrome
  • Massive reporting improvements: Better layout, easier sensor selection, better time span selection, etc.
  • Improved web interface: Clone Group, folding of groups and devices, optional alarm sound in browser when errors occur - plus a broad optimization of all AJAX functions for more performance and reliability
  • VMware Sensors: Support servers running VMware ESX Server or VMware Virtual Center
  • "Read Only" User: Read only users can not see all the links to add, modify or delete objects
  • New sensor types: File, Folder and Share Disk Space sensors
  • Plus: Improved Maps, "change" detection, and much more
Please see our history of changes for a detailed list of new features, changes and bugfixes and visit the PRTG download page to get the installer files.

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