PRTG has become the Windows tool of choice for bandwidth and network usage monitoring. It brings many SNMP monitoring features from MRTG - which is well known in the Linux community - to the Windows plattform and adds a packet sniffer and NetFlow Monitoring for Cisco Routers. More then 100.000 users are currently using PRTG every day. Today we have released the all new Version 6.0 of PRTG Traffic Grapher. This new version offers a number of new features and a redesigned Windows and Web user interface.

New Features

Here is a shortlist of the most notable changes in this new version:

  • Tags: Sensors can be assigned tags (keywords) and the sensorlist can be filtered based on these tags. Makes working with a large number of sensors much easier
  • Device Templates: A group of SNMP sensors can be saved into a device template which can then be used to create the same set of sensors for another device.
  • Events: Keeps tracks of events for all sensors (e.g. all error messages or notifications)
  • Schedules: Sensors and notifications can be paused based on day-of-week and hour-of-day
  • Latency Sensor: This new sensor type uses PINGs to monitor the network latency of a device or a data line. This can be used to find overloaded network devices which usually show high variations of latency readings
  • Background color of a sensor's graph changes to a light red if the sensor shows an error

Improved Features

  • Updated design of the Windows GUI makes it easier to use
  • Redesign of the Web GUI adds a lot of new functionality and three brand new skins
  • Improved reporting engine with many new features and new export formats
  • Packet Sniffer now supports 64bit operating systems
  • Includes its own packet sniffer technology to improve compatibility (does not require installation and does not create conflicts with other sniffer software)
  • The (optional) new watchdog service starts the PRTG service whenever it was stopped unintentionally
  • And many smaller enhancements
Download the new version

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