While the Beta phase of PRTG 9 is still running, we will introduce some of the great new features here. Today it's all about sensors: New sensor selection, new sensor types, and new functionalities within existing sensor types.

Under the Hood—Regular Expressions

In PRTG 9, we added a lot of improvements "under the hood," making monitoring even easier. For example, we extended the support for string search using regular expressions for more sensor types. Users asked for this feature frequently. Now here it is: More flexible monitoring results search, e.g. when using the "HTTP Advanced" sensor to check a website for certain strings, with the "File Content" sensor monitoring a certain log file on your computer, with the "Port" sensor while checking a response text, or with the new "Registry" sensor.

Auto-Discovery with IPv6 and New Manual Sensor Selection

PRTG 9 supports monitoring IPv6 devices. Also, the auto-discovery assists you in automatically detecting your IPv6 network. Simply add a list of IP addresses and PRTG starts detecting all of those devices and services immediately.

But we also improved the manual sensor selection. With over 110 sensor types, we now guide you using new categories so you find what you need more easily. Either search by keyword, or select items from the categories "Monitor What?", "Target System Type?", or "Technology Used?" Matching sensor types are shown right away. This enables you, for example, to quickly filter for all sensor types that monitor "Disk Usage" on "Virtualization OS".

New Sensor Types

Among the new sensor types, there is a "Registry" sensor, as well as new WMI sensors to monitor performance of logical and physical disks, and the "WMI Security Center" sensor, which monitors a Windows client's security status. There are also special sensors to monitor VMware, Dell, HP, and APC hardware: We added the respective libraries to custom sensors, making hardware monitoring easier.

Join the Beta Test Now!

We would like to know what you think! Download PRTG 9 Beta today and join the test. Find all further information on the PRTG 9 Beta web page.

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