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PRTG Data Extractor

Important note: The PRTG Data Extractor has been discontinued!

There is no further development planned for this freeware tool. You can still use it
but we do not provide support for the PRTG Data Extractor anymore.

Extended Report Generation
for PRTG Network Monitor

The PRTG Data Extractor can retrieve raw monitoring data from the internal database of your PRTG server and write this data into a Microsoft SQL database. Set up a reporting software that can access the data in the SQL database and you will be able to generate your own, individually created monitoring data reports with your favorite reporting tool (such as Crystal Reports, or others).

If you have higher demands on your reports than the available standard reports in PRTG provide, then you should definitely try out the Data Extractor in combination with a suitable reporting server.

The Data Extractor writes data from the PRTG database to an SQL database so you can

  • use any reporting system you like, already know, or have the developers for
  • to create your monitoring data reports in a completely individual way.
  • This way, you get much more report options than every report feature integrated into PRTG could have!

How Does It Work and What Do You Need?

The data of PRTG's internal database is optimized for best performance and you cannot access it directly. The PRTG Data Extractor transfers data from the PRTG database via the PRTG API into an SQL server database. This makes it possible that you apply a reporting tool that processes the SQL data and generates custom reports specific to your needs.

What you need for this is the following:

  • PRTG Core Server version 14.3.11 or later (we recommend an additional PRTG installation for data extraction, for example, the freeware edition, on which you run a copy of your live system)
  • Microsoft SQL Server (recommended: SQL Server 2012)
  • Report generation software (for example, Crystal Reports, SQL Server Reporting Services, SAP BusinessObjects)
  • At least basic knowledge about and experience with databases and reporting systems

For more details about the Data Extractor and its setup and requirements, we recommend that you have a look at the manual that comes with it. There you can also find instructions for the demo reports which we deliver with the Data Extractor to demonstrate its usage.

Note: The PRTG Data Extractor has been discontinued. Please understand that we do not offer support regarding issues when extracting your data, nor in creating reports using third-party software.

Download the ZIP file (see link below), unzip all files into a folder of your choice, and run the DataExtractor.exe file to start the Data Extractor.


Please download the Data Extractor below. For more details about the Data Extractor, please see the manual.



Development of the Data Extractor has been discontinued!
We still provide this Freeware program for Paessler customers as a basis for extended reporting for PRTG, but we do not offer any support for the Data Extractor.

Please also understand that we cannot provide recommendations nor support for your database and reporting server setup. Also we cannot give any help for SQL queries. Please have a look at our demo reports and, if you need further assistance, contact the support of your reporting tool.



  • V0.1 (May 12th 2015): Maintenance release
  • V0.1 (January 30th 2015): Initial release for public beta testing