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Paessler URL Recorder

Making The Creation of HTTP
Transaction Sensors Easier

This programs helps to find out the URLs and the POSTDATA strings that a user sends to a web server while surfing a sequence of URLs. This is especially useful when setting up HTTP Transaction sensors in PRTG Network Monitor.


Simply download, install and run the software. It works like a standard web browser where you can enter a URL at the top and click "Go". Then you can use the mouse etc. to surf through the sequence you want to record. While you are accessing one page after the other the URL and - if you submit a POST request - the POSTDATA are stored in the list at the bottom of the windows.

When you are done you can use the URL lists's context menu to

  • save the list of URLs to CSV and HTML
  • copy the list to the clipboard
  • copy individual URLs or POSTDATA to the clipboard.